If you need something go out and TAKE IT!!!
Nobody gonna come and give it to you…
take matters into one’s hand!

(“NIMS“ = „TAKE IT!“ in swiss-german)

Active since: 2002
Favourite equipment: Belton Molotow, Amsterdam Acryl, Rap-Music and Beer
Favorite colors: Molotow Grasshoppergreen / Blackred / Aquablue

About me:
«Trough my two older sisters I became infected with the virus of HIP HOP. As a kid I used to listen to their mixtapes and CD’s instead of fables and everywhere I accompanied them I met many cool people like rappers, graffiti-writers, breakers and DJ’s. For me these moments were the greatest experiences of my childhood. At age of 9 years i began to breakdance in the cellar of my school and to draw graffiti sketches…a little later also to rap. Soon I quitted rap and after a while also dancing. But graffiti stayed in my life until now. For me HIP HOP and especially graffiti means something that gives me the possibility to feel free and forget everything around me. When I paint there’s only me, the wall, the colors and the music…nothing else. It’s the only constant in my life and as long I have this I have everything I need. HIP HOP forever…and you don’t stop the rock!»