What the hell is XBROS?!?

In the year 2002 a group of artists rented an atelier at a youth center in Biel Bienne, Switzerland, called „X-Project“. The members were active in the graffiti and streetart movement, worked often together and used the atelier to realise their artworks. The membership changed a couple times. This brought new inspirations and ideas to the crew. After a while the cast of the group was the same like today.Under different pseudonyms we started together to realise some bigger productions, but everyone preserved his own style.

In the year 2010 we reached a stable constellation of members. The idea suggested itself to create a crew of active artists from the region.
So we finally founded the „XBROS“.

Now the whole artistic diversity reaches from abstract, realism, illustrations and calligraphy to installations, tattoos, art-toys, sculptures and more. The „XBROS“ family contains a community of creative and active people and crews.